Longing for Orpheus
Longing for Orpheus


The music of Longing for Orpheus is scattered about the internet - some songs can be found multiple places, and there are older versions of some songs at certain sites.

CNET's Download.com has been replaced by Last.fm. I'm working to get a less random sampling of music here, but at the moment its somewhat haphazard.


This was the first site to host the music of Longing for Orpheus. There are only three songs hosted, but one is exclusive to this site. Distance was entered into, and selected as a winner for their Loopmasters contest. This song is quite a departure from usual style of Longing for Orpheus, but may foreshadow future releases...

MySpace is an interesting and addictive network of people and musicians, each with their own profile. If you already have MySpace account, please consider adding Longing for Orpheus to your friends list. Click here to create a MySpace account.

Acid Planet

AcidPlanet hosts remix contests to promote their music-making software. Longing for Orpheus' remixes of Conjure One's "Face the Music" and State of Grace's "Christe Redemptor" are available here.

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