Longing for Orpheus
Longing for Orpheus

Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things. --Denis Diderot

Welcome to the home of Longing for Orpheus. As you know by now, Longing for Orpheus is a musical project. The music is intended to be beautiful, serene, and soulful, but also to convey a message - Live with Passion.We have the good fortune to live in a technologically advanced age, and most of us are wholly unfamiliar with the struggles our ancestors faced in order to merely survive. The search for a deeper meaning in life, or a sense of accomplishment, were luxuries they could not afford. That is not our case. We have opportunities to do, and to create, that no previous generations have known. It is tragic that so many people now choose to lead passive lives, discarding the gifts that time and history have given them. This is a plea to not be counted among their number.

Celebrate the opportunities you have. Live your life. Live it with passion.

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