Longing for Orpheus
Longing for Orpheus


These are links to resources that make it possible, or at least much easier, for independent artists to create and distribute music. If you're looking for links to streaming and downloadable songs, click on "Media" in the menu to the left.

CD Baby

CD Baby

Independent musicians would, on the whole, have a much harder time of things if it weren't for CD Baby. They navigate the bureaucracies and handle negotiations with huge companies like iTunes and Amazon on behalf of the independent community, as well as selling physical CDs. As a result, everyone who wants a wider musical selection than the big labels supports have access to a whole other world of music.

Zone Music Reporter

New Age Reporter

Zone Music Reporter seems primarily designed to serve musicians and labels, but they also provide a forum for reviews (both Bill Binkelman's and RJ Lannan's reviews of Skye are here) and a database of New Age groups, albums and radio stations.

The Stock.Xchng


The stock.xchng is a site where photographers and other visual artists share free-to-use images. This page contains photos by George Bosela (the main image up top) and Sara Nevalainen (the menu background). Thanks to these artists, and to the creators of the site.

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