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In the past, Amethyste has explored various musical outlets including the cello, harp, and classical voice training. Luckily for us, she has found that she prefers to sing in a way that "feels natural." It just so happens that her voice is naturally angelic. Producer Gunnar Spardel of Tigerforest provides lush beds of synthesizer for Amethyste's voice, and occasionally the voice of guest vocalist Inga.

Black Ether

As if the term "Nu Ambient" wasn't esoteric enough, lets add another layer to the arcane genre heirarchy by calling this music "Dark Nu Ambient." Or, should it be "Nu Dark Ambient"? Either way, New York-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Jay Rivera and drummer Brian Goodwill produce Nu Ambient with a darker, and occasionally harder twist. The Black Ether website offers links to samples of their work.

Catherine Duc

Australian New Age producer and multi-instrumentalist released her debut in 2005, and has been well received by industry pundits. Copious information about her songs can be found at her thorough website, www.catherineduc.com.

Jeff Woodall

Jeff is a solo producer and synthesist working out of the UK. Since 2002, he's been releasing albums frequently, at a rate of about one per year. His music is instrumental with occasional samples of voices, and is quintessentially Nu Ambient.

Longing for Orpheus

This is the project of your host here at After Enigma. As any attempt to accurately review my own music would likely come across as either excessive pride or false humility, I am merely listing short descriptions of my albums here - I would love to hear your opinions, though.


Classically-trained electronic composer, DJ, and journalist Marcel Gherman hails from the Eastern European nation of Moldova. While much of his music is very Experimental (examples on this MySpace page), he has written a number of cinematic tracks that bring the film scores of Vangelis to mind (examples on Megatone's other MySpace page).


With a single release and scant biographical information to be found, it's difficult to say who the "core members" of this group are, but three individuals contributed to Neodrone's debut. Composer/producer/synthesist Magnus Tak and vocalist Johanna E. Martell, both classically trained, hail from Sweden. American lyricist Brent Swarthout provides words for about half the album (the remaining tracks are a combination of instrumentals and well-known opera arias).

Roth Ritter

Ritter is a relative newcomer to the Ambient world, having spent the early part of his musical career in the realms of Industrial and Pop. His new solo work leans toward epic soundscapes.